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Lashing out in our changing political world

Written By: Terry Foster | November 7, 2012

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Now it is time for people to lash out. Many people who supported Mitt Romney accepted the decision of the American people. Others did not.

That was the wake up call my daughter Celine got this morning when she was going through the Internet. She discovered some anti Barack Obama posts that bothered her and left her a bit confused. You see, she is 13 years old and is sheltered from the harsh reality of the public and politics.

“Dad people are so mean,” she said. “I can’t believe it.”

Here is what she read in the matter of five minutes.

“This is the worst thing to happen to America.”

“I guess I am moving to Canada now.”

“Well maybe he will get shot.”

The last one was a strike down the middle of the plate and took away some of her innocence. Here is my explanation. We no longer have political debates. We no longer listen to the other side. Now its more like if you don’t agree with me you have a screw loose. There is something wrong with you.

I was on twitter last night and there were a few dandies thrown my way. One guy did not like my criticism of Fox News and said I should get my election coverage from BET. Another said the only people that voted for Obama were lazy bums looking for a handout. Yeah that is exactly what I am looking for. I want my family to be on welfare.

I explained that people wanted jobs. He said “those people” are slime. To me the term “those people” is code word for blacks and Hispanics.

So much for the political debate.

Here is what is happening in this country. Blacks, Hispanics, women and young people have a larger say in politics. George Bush got 62 percent of the white vote and won going away. Romney got 62 percent of the white vote and got blown away.

The world has changed. Instead of lashing out we need to embrace it and try to come together.


2 Responses to “Lashing out in our changing political world”

  1. Andy Says:

    Yeah, and telling the public if you vote Republican you’re a racist, sexist, homophobic a-hole does not spew hate? Calling Bush a r—-d isn’t hate mongering? Openly chearing when Dick Cheney has heart attack? Double standards anybody?


  2. Tommy Says:

    I agree, things have gotten nasty in the political spectrum, and we all pay a price for it. Of course, it is somewhat disingenuous to point out this nasty stuff now, when it went on endlessly while GW Bush was in office and I heard nary a peep from people in the media during those years. Plus, the Obama campaign this year focused on the negative; their self-admitted goal was to destroy Mitt Romney. Virtually all of their ads focused on anti-Romney themes as opposed to trumping up Obama’s accomplishments. This negativity seemed to work, as Obama won, so expect more of it in the future.

    On a related issue, I heard Terry on the radio saying that Republicans need to be more “inclusive” to survive. I’m always curious when Democrats say this about the Republican party. What exactly do they expect Republicans to do to be more “inclusive”? Become more like Democrats? We have a Democrat party; we don’t need another one. If people truly understand conservatism, they would see that it is inherently “inclusive”. There are minorities who embrace the Republican Party and are active within it; I know this personally. Instead of asking what Republicans can do to be “inclusive,” maybe minorities should be asking Republican minorities what they see in the Republican Party. Let’s also not forget that it is only two years removed from 2010, when Republicans cleaned up and took control of the House. I don’t think the demographics of the country have changed all that much in the last two years.


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