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I vote for my country and for my Aunt Margo

Written By: Terry Foster | November 6, 2012

Filed Under: Opinion

Today is election day and I want to share a story with you that does not involve Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. It involves my Aunt Margo who was an election day worker for more than 20 years.

She took days like this seriously and she is the reason I vote today. She worked election days because she felt it was important but more importantly she wanted to be a smiling face that eased voters as they walked into the polling places. She believed she was doing America some good at her tiny voting precinct on Detroit’s west side.

She told me two things that stuck. She said brave men and women died in World Wars for my right to vote. She is convinced that Hitler’s grand plan was to take over the United States. She told me about George Washington and about our country breaking away from England. She also grew up in an era where she knew black people who were not allowed to vote. And there were others beaten and discouraged from voting.

She wanted me to keep those people in mind every election day. That is why I do not miss one election.

She’s been dead for seven years and it would have meant a lot for her to see a black president in office considering all the terrible things she’s seen during the Civil Rights movement and all the things she saw growing up in the south. She never would have believed a Barack Obama was possible.

However, when I go to the voting booth today nobody will greet with with a billy club or give me a test that I know I will fail. I will be greeted with smiles and hand shakes.

I will vote because it is my civic duty but I will also vote in honor of Aunt Margo.


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