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Older generation allows race to get in the way again

Written By: Terry Foster | November 5, 2012

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The older generation is messing it up again.

We keep getting it wrong and we keep putting race ahead of common sense in this country. How is the country different in four years of a black President?

We are more angry. We are more racist. We scream and lie until it becomes the truth. There is a greater divide between black and white between older citizens.

The Presidential race is basically a match race. President Barack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney are neck in neck heading into Tuesday’s election.  I do not know who is going to win but I do know a lot of people will vote for Romney simply because he is white. And I do know a lot of people will vote for Obama simply because he is black.

Most of this comes from my generation, people who are 45 years of age and older. They are the ones who’ve played race for the past four years. I’m convinced that Obama’s citizenship and ethnicity is questioned because he is black. Do you really believe a Muslim from Africa would be placed on the ballet after 9/11 and allowed to win? Really? Think about that one.

I do believe race played a role when Rush Limbaugh said he hoped this president failed. Why? When a president fails then it means America fails. When Colin Powell endorsed Obama many screamed he did it simply because both men are black. You don’t think Powell is still upset that he was made the face guy for the weapons of mass destruction lie in Iraq?

Race plays a role when pamphlets are dropped off in rich suburbs essentially saying a new bridge in Detroit could mean more hand outs to those blacks and Hispanics in southwester Detroit. And black people need to be careful. Just because a person votes for Romney does not mean they are racist as I’ve heard quite a few times. I also do not believe Romney will rent out trucks in the southern border states and round up Mexicans and send them back to Mexico as some believe.

I hope the younger generation is studying us older folks and learn from our mistakes. I believe they are more tolerant and they will make America better. When you make judgements simply by the color of someone’s skin, it cannot be a sound decision.


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2 Responses to “Older generation allows race to get in the way again”

  1. Jerome Says:

    Oh good, more political preaching. I haven’t received enough of this.


  2. Ricker313 Says:

    I understand some people still play the race card every chance that they get but….I personallyam sick of it. My generation by and large could care less the color of skin you have . If you are ready to. Appoint the leader of the free world because he is. White or black you deserve to have your voting privilege revoked.


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