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Valenti and Foster are not on Dombrowski’s playlist

Written By: Terry Foster | October 31, 2012

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He was talking about us. I know it. The Valenti and Foster Show is the controversial show that Tigers manager Dave Dombrowski said he does not listen to during manager Jim Leyland’s welcome back press conference.

It is sort of strange to hear about your show in those terms. My broadcast partner Mike Valenti is in denial. He kept telling me to stop flattering myself. He claims DD was talking about somebody else.

Really? Then who?

I am waiting.

Mike and I do not aim to be controversial when we plan a show. It sort of happens. Mike is the most passionate and straight forward guy in radio. He believes things should be run a certain way and he brings it to the plate like a Justin Verlander 100 mile per hour fast ball. Often times those things hurt and I am sure Dombrowski has gotten emails from buddies about how Mike believes he is not doing his job right.

We make fun of his dozen Major League ready arms and some of his moves. We scrutinize Leyland’s lineup card non stop.

I am not as passionate as Mike because I am supposedly the voice of reason. But I do get ticked off. I knew I blew up a couple of times this summer because I did not understand why the Tigers were not blowing the Chicago White Sox out of the water until the final two weeks of the season. I kept waiting for the explosion and it didn’t come until the very end.

Mike and I never plan a show to be controversial. We throw topics on a sheet, throw them out to the public and all of a sudden we are thrown into Mortal Combat simply because we have strong opinions. You guys call in and stir us up more. All of a sudden we have the type of show that would make a team president or coach cringe to listen to.

I know NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman will never come on after we laughed in his face. He tried to convince us there was a great rivalry going on between the Red Wings and St. Louis Blues. I know Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh will never come on after we grilled him about The Stomp.

Dombrowski and all the front office people have an open invitation to come on our show. I know it won’t happen but they can come on any time they want.

Are we a controversial show or a passionate show? We let you decide.

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5 Responses to “Valenti and Foster are not on Dombrowski’s playlist”

  1. Tom Says:

    I think he’s not the only one no longer listening to your show. It has become a pale parody of what it used to be.


  2. Michael Erickson Says:

    Terry, Good morning fine sir. The Mike and Terry show is both controversial and passionate, but ya know what ? Your show is Detroit and I enjoy it whole heartedly ! It makes my commute good everyday, I mean you guys literally crack me up at times. I like Jim Leyland although he is an unorthodox manager and does things that make you go, hmmm. But he is our manager and you gotta respect what he does and has done for Tigers baseball.
    He took us to the World Series with a team that Dombrowski left with major flaws, but Leyland was able to manage what he had and squeeze everything he could from it. That what makes Leyland great Terry, he often manages with his gut and gets away with it because of his 50 years of baseball experience. And I gotta tell ya he is our best option out there ! Who else could we put there ? I can’t think of anyone and cringe at the thought of Leyland not being here,
    I feel people will realize what we had in Jim when he is gone. My biggest issue is his loyalty to McClendon and Lamont, those two need to be gone, McClendon more so then Lamont. We were too hot and cold during the season with no ideas how to keep the bats active, clueless. That’s McClendons job and Im afraid we will see more of it as long as Lloyd is here. We need a new hitting coach and philosophy here in Detroit ! I will close with this, keep doing what you do with the show because it is truly “great” ! And please tell Mike one thing for me…”Go Blue” ! Hehe…


  3. Frank Oneill Says:

    Mike got mad and hung up on me last year when I called in during his campaign to run Leyland out of town. The comment I made then is true today…

    Mike is nuttin but a popcorn fart….. nothing but air…

    Like a talking head on the radio has more baseball knowledge than a man who has spent his entire life in baseball..

    Mike made an ass outa hisself for over 1 year trying to get him fired/not re-hired….

    But he has ben making an ass outa himself for more years than that



  4. Michael Says:

    T you and Mike’s show is awesome. I would rather here someone tell it how it is, tell me how they, with their plethora of knowledge, feel about different topics. You guys put together a fantastic radio program. You guys know what you are doing and what you are talking about, so to insinuate that Mike “makes an ass of himself” is crazy! Especially if your only reason is because he hung up on you for not knowing what you were talking about. Love you T tell Mikey I love him too.


  5. Luke M Says:

    I have to admit, i was an AM sports radio fan for the longest. i liked the national pundit they had on their afternoon block. Until one day a few years ago, my car antenna would no longer pick up the signal – the car was over 10 yrs old and the antenna had been replaced multiple times. At this time, i gave 97.1 a try. I was blown away at the V&F show! at first, i found myself hating and loathing the show. found myself asking myself “when can i get this antenna fixed?” then one day, the tigers did something dumb: kept inge in the lineup, played don kelly, i can’t recall, so many to choose from!! ever since, i’m a die-hard V&F show fan! The way both Valenti and Foster didn’t cater to the masses and spoke the truth about how dumb the play was. I came to further appreciate the show, when Mike asked Suh about the stomp. earlier in the week, i tweeted him not to back down from the question. Mike responded by calling his shot about a possible hang up and getting mad.

    Today i find myself, tweeting the both of you, getting replies and retweets. I haven’t built enough courage to call the show yet, but i listen as often as my work schedule will allow! Controversial or not, the show is 100% honest and that’s “REAL RADIO!” For that, it has to be respected. Keep up the good work! Who cares (i know Mike doesn’t) who’s playlist you end up on!!


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