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Mean Gene Lamont blows it again

Written By: Terry Foster | October 26, 2012

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Where were you when Tigers third base coach Gene Lamont blew it again? Where were you when he sent lumbering and thundering Prince Fielder from first to third on that fateful double by Delmon Young?

I was holding a bowling ball during the Bowling for Bucks Charity event in Clarkston. And trust me I wanted to throw that ball at the television set but I am sure the good folks at Cherry Lanes would not have liked it. But they might have understood. The Tigers blew an opportunity to blow open the game thanks to Gene Lamont. And if you are a Tigers fan Lamont is not high on your Christmas card list.

It took a great play by the San Francisco Giants to pull it off but I just remember watching the play unfold and saying “do not send him. Do not send him.” This is Prince Fielder and he is not the best base runner in the world. He gets tired. The ball bounded off the wall in left field and Gregor Blanco picked it up and fired to cut off man Marco Scutaro who fired the ball to home plate.  Catcher Buster Posey applied a perfect tag and Fielder was out.

I’ve heard baseball experts say you have to be aggressive in situations like that. I agree. But not if you have a 275 pound man leading the charge. If it were Austin Jackson or Quintin Berry then make the play — maybe. This play had disaster written all over it and it was the signature play in another loss. Now the Tigers trail 2-0 heading home following a 2-0 loss.

I don’t want to completely blame Lamont. Did you notice that Fielder does not know how to slide. He did not attack the closest point of the plate. He slide around the plate and wasted precious milliseconds. He actually might have been safe if he attacked the plate.

If you are keeping score at home, the Tigers are not scoring very much in the World Series. They have three runs in two games.  I would have much rather taken my chances with runners on second and third with nobody out.

“If I had to do it over again I would have held him,” Lamont told reporters afterwards.

How many times do we have to put up with Lamont’s mistakes? How many times do we have to see runners ignore Lamont and do things on their own? He is a great guy but not a great third base coach. It is time for a change.

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