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It is time for Lions to show grit on MNF

Written By: Terry Foster | October 22, 2012

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I usually fall asleep on the couch for about a half hour during the Monday Night Football game.

Tonight I won’t. The Lions play the Chicago Bears in the Monday Night Football game and it is still a big deal to see your home town team represented on the big stage. It is also an important game as the Lions try to get back in the division race against their hated rivals.

The Lions could really jumble up the standings with a victory. A loss puts them at 2-4 and there is simply no way they’d catch the Bears who would be 5-1, Vikings (5-2) and Packers (4-3). The season would be lost after six games. Of course let’s cross the bridge when we get to it.’

When MNF began in the 1970s it was a big deal for your team to be shown on the half time highlights with Howard Cosell. It seems so silly now but there was no NFL Network or ESPN. There was no Internet and computers where you can see three and five minute packages on each game. Your team got 20-30 seconds top if you were lucky.

And you know how we are in Detroit. We used to complain about ABC not giving the Lions enough coverage. The national media did not care about us. That was usually true because for the most part the Lions were irrelevent and few across the country cared what they did.

The Lions are in danger of becoming that again, at least for one season. They can create a stir again by beat the Bears and punching them in the nose. It is a perfect setting to do so. The last time these two met at Soldier Field it turned into a WWE free for all with late hits and vicious shoves. Even quarterback Matthew Stafford got into it with Bears cornerback DJ Moore.

The Lions have not shown much fiest this season and maybe it is time for the more docile Lions to become ferocious. If that happens maybe they get into the race and this becomes a Monday Night Football game we won’t soon forget.

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