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Drunk guy logic during Michigan-Michigan State week

Written By: Terry Foster | October 18, 2012

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Let me start off by telling you that the guy was drunk. But I got into a huge Michigan-Michigan State argument during Michigan-Michigan State football week about basketball.

The guy was a Wolverine. He does not like the Spartans and he does not like basketball coach Tom Izzo. His point to me is that MSU’s standards are lower than those from Michigan. And one more thing. He did not attend Michigan. So if you want to call him a Wal-Mart Wolverine then go right ahead.

He wanted to know why Michigan State constructed a statue of Izzo and praises this guy so much because he’s won just one national title while going to six Final Fours. He said that is failure. Well first of all unless I missed it they do not have a statue of Izzo. Secondly what Izzo has done is a great accomplishment. Praises for Izzo do not just come from Sparty nation. People nationally say he is one of the best coaches in the game.

“What would Michigan fans do if John Beilein went to six Final Fours and won one national title,” he asked.

I said Beilein would be considered a great coach. It would be a wonderful accomplishment considering Michigan hoops hit rock bottom before he got here.

“Bull,” he said. “I would not be happy with that. Michigan fans would not be happy with that.”

Then he gave me one of the dumbest examples of why MSU settles for things.

“What if Michigan went to the Rose Bowl and lost by 60 points? Wolverines would be pissed,’” he said. “We have higher standards. That is the difference.”

OK. Let me get this straight? He equates MSU going to six Final Fours to Michigan losing a bowl game by 60 points? Any team would be happy going to the Rose Bowl, but no fan base would be happy to see their team lose by 60 points. Like I said, the guy was drunk.

Once the guy repeated himself for the 100th time I politely excused myself and left. I know the guy probably got on the phone and told his buddies he destroyed me in a basketball argument during MSU-UM football week.

Did I tell you the guy was drunk?

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3 Responses to “Drunk guy logic during Michigan-Michigan State week”

  1. Kyle Says:

    Before Coach Izzo took over, MSU hadn’t made it past the first weekend since 1990, nor the elite eight since the 1979 championship squad.

    Before Coach Izzo, the student section consisted of a pair of sneakers, a few Spaldings, and a check made out to Chris Webber that was signed by Ed Martin and I guess somehow made its way upstate for the sake of this poor put-together joke.

    He brought a sense of continuity, pride, and nation-wide prestige. For God’s sake, MSU was named SI’s program of the decade. Were there a few disappointments? Sure (read: my senior year when the team would rather ditch and dine at Red Lobster than work to justify their #2 preseason ranking). But this isn’t football (where even UM has never had the success drunk guy talks about), nor is it 1970s basketball. John Wooden ain’t coming through that door.

    It’s an age of parity, and what Izzo has accomplished in his relatively short tenure is incredible.

    Wait, I forgot- THIS IS MICHIGAN. Forget I said anything.


  2. Mike Says:

    You were talking to a drunk fan, why write an article on it. People say stupid things when they’re drunk. Don’t promote the Wal-Mart thing, it’s obnoxious and arrogant.


  3. Dan Says:

    Terry you should of asked him if he thought Bo was a great coach and should have a hall named after him. Last I checked he won 0 national championships. I think it’s funny he referenced final 4′s and compared them to the Rose Bowl. Winning the Rose Bowl is like making the Final 4 in that you are like the 4th best team in the country!!


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