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It is time for Valverde to walk the plank

Written By: Terry Foster | October 11, 2012

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On days like this it is easy to get a lynch mob willing to force Tigers closer Jose Valverde to walk the plank out of town. But there is too much anger not to play that card today. Where is Bobby Ross when you need him and those one-way bus tickets out of town?

It is plain and simple. It is time to say good bye to Valverde. His feeble attempt to hang on to a 3-1 lead in Wednesday night’s American League Division Series game was the last straw. You cannot trust the guy. The Tigers lost 4-3 because Valverde threw fat meatballs that the Oakland A’s spanked all over the yard toward victory.

Now an underserving team is being praised as these heroric underdog figures that have 15 walkoff hits for the season. You got Brandon Inge talking trash and the national media sweeping this team up. Hell, Helen Keller could have gotten a hit off Valverde. Did you see the pitches he threw? They were down the middle with no movement. He looked like a guy that walked onto the mound knowing the game and the series was over.

Valverde did not think when he hit the mound. He looked like a guy ready to celebrate.

He is a hell of a guy but when you think of reasons why the Tigers won’t make the World Series Valverde is near the top of the list along with bad defense, an inconsistent bull pen and an offense that disappears for long stretches. And he is not soley to blame. Even though Prince Buckner hit a big home run, he gave it all back with a bad glove.

Valverde has his year last year. But his time is past. It is time to find a new closer. This game should have never gone five games. Now the Tigers must hope Justin Verlander has it again and that their bats come alive for one game.


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