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Rude drivers in construction zones are losers

Written By: Terry Foster | October 10, 2012

Filed Under: driving, Life, Opinion

I don’t get people sometimes. They are rude and make questionable decisions.

My anger boiled Tuesday when I was driving on Orchard Lake toward a construction zone. I was in the right lane and it was blocked ahead because they are tearing down an old gas station and digging into the Earth. The cars in the right lane began to merge into the left lane so we could cross Maple.

I turned on my signal and was turning behind the car in front of me when this guy speed up behind to take my spot. I gave him an evil stare as he passed. What was the point? After he took his spot we didn’t move for 20 seconds. He risked an accident to gain a 10 foot advantage over me.

So I figured that home biscuit was in a hurry. We got through the light and drove to two lanes of freedom. And guess what? The guy drives slow!! Everybody passed him like he was standing still. Are you kidding me? What was the thought process? Why did he need to be one car ahead of me so badly one moment then drive like grand pa the next moment?

I was ticked off. But you see it all the time. People don’t let you merge when you have nowhere to go. I’ve always heard that if we just allow cars to merge that everybody gets through quicker.

But people speed up and shove you out of the way. What the hell are they thinking?


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