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Tigers motto: Just win baby!

Written By: Terry Foster | October 8, 2012

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It has already been pointed out to me that the Tigers have only knocked in one run in two games via a hit but they lead the Oakland A’s 2-0 heading into Game 3 Tuesday night in Oakland.

My response? So what. Let me steal a line from former Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis. “Just win Baby.”

Nothing comes easy in playoff baseball. Teams manufacture runs more than bash them in. Pitching rules. You are no longer facing team’s number five starters. You are facing the best of the best and when that happens it is more difficult to score five or six runs in a game.

The Tigers rallied to beat Oakland 5-4 on a Don Kelly sacrifice fly. The Tigers have scored on a Miguel Cabrera double play, Delmon Young tapper to first and a pair of A’s errors. The only run off a hit was on Alex Avila’s home run in Game 1.


Another big run came on a Miguel Cabrera double play. That’s fine. It means you are getting runners on base. Who cares how they come in?

The Tigers took advantage of sub par A’s fielding. That’s more enjoyable than the A’s taking advantage of the Tigers subpar fielding.

But I do have an interesting question. If the Tigers are up one or two runs in Game 3 do you bring in Joaquin Benoit to set up closer Jose Valverde? That’s his job. That’s his role and I am not certain who you bring in at this late spot to replace him. But I do know this. If he keeps these antics up the Tigers won’t go far. Maybe they will squeeze by this series.

Benoit was awful in Game 2 and he nearly gave up a game-trying two run home run in Game 1.

So what do you do in Game 3 with this guy?


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  1. MV Says:

    Easy, the amazing AL! he can kiss the baseball after every strike out while eyeballing Reddick’s stupid face and mullet.


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