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Black on black crime following the Presidential debate

Written By: Terry Foster | October 4, 2012

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We know the prevent defense does not work in football. President Barack Obama found out it does not work in politics either.

That was the approximate line that got me in trouble with at least one person on twitter. I thought Mitt Romney won the first debate against Obama in part because Obama did not attack and he sort of played a deep cover II defense.  But I guess I forgot my black code of conduct. We are not allowed to criticize black people. We are not allowed to say a white guy got the best of a brother.

The punishment — if you want to call it that — is I got called an Uncle Tom by a couple of black folks. It is par for the course. It is the only card ignorant black people can play. They go by the code that if it is white it ain’t right.

My problem is some people don’t want you to think for yourself. And too often liberals, whites, blacks, conservatives and other groups fall into the category of blind sheep following each other off a cliff. When I was a kid people used to pass out cards that said “Vote the Black Slate.” The cards listed candidates who were black or sympathetic to the black community.  It was our voting guide.

For the most part people voted the Black Slate. But if somebody spoke about any of the candidates they were called a Tom. And to be honest we didn’t know anything about most of the candidates. We were expected to blindly vote a certain way.

I personally do not believe Mitt Romney will make a good president. However, I do give it up to him for Wednesday’s performance. He was the best man even though he never tells us what he is going to do. He attacked Obama and gave the President a bloody nose.

Now does that make me a Tom for point that out?

Our world is crazy.


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2 Responses to “Black on black crime following the Presidential debate”

  1. Dave Jakes Says:

    Terry, you say you don’t believe Romney will make a good president. Do you believe Obama has made a good president? Why?


  2. Brian Says:

    Terry, I absolutely agree with you 100%. It seems we AA’s can’t criticize our own without being labeled an “Uncle Tom”. As much as I do not like Mittens, he did win this debate. Does that make me a fool ? It just makes me aware of my political choices. Black people need to think for themselves, put the games away and develop an original thought without being told to HAVE an original thought. Great content brother.

    Brian D. Branch


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