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Please respect my personal space homey

Written By: Terry Foster | October 6, 2012

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We were kicking it during soccer practice the other night when the subject of invading your personal space came into play.

It is a good topic because I never understood why someone delierately stands within your space while talking. There are invisible barriers we should respect. Unless you are giving me a hug or a handshake then please stay out of it. I actually think I have a liberal invasion space. If I reach out and the middle part of my forearm can touch you then you are invading my space. Some people like a further distance.

But isn’t it annoying when you are talking to a person and they are within inches of your face? And then you move back and they move forward. I don’t get it. Do they want to smell your cologne? Can they not hear? Do they need to feel your body heat? Usually the person who does it is a nerd. They are a little bit of a loser and don’t have many friends.

I’ve moved back as much as three feet during a conversation while someone inches forward.

One stranger I meet was so annoying I finally said “Dude. What are you doing?”

He apologized and said he did not realize he was invading my space. I did not buy it.

The worse are the ones with bad breath and use every H word during their conversation.

“Hi homey. My name is Hank Henderson and how are things today?” How har the Hlions doing this year?”

Every H brings gale force winds of halatosis.

Any way we need to be considerate of each other’s personal space. I know some countries allow you to get closer. That is their culture.

But this is America. Stay the hell away from me.



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