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The catch: We see what we want to see

Written By: Terry Foster | September 26, 2012

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People see what they want to see.

Do you know there are some jug heads out there who believe the stumbling and bumbling NFL replacement officials got it right. They agree that Seattle Sea hawks wide receiver Golden Tate made the game-winning touchdown rather than Green Bay Packers defensive back MD Jennings making the game-deciding interception.

That is the price you pay when you do talk radio in any market. There are folks who see green aliens at Lions games.

Here is how I saw the play. Tate pushed Packers DB James Shields and the ball was intercepted by Jennings who clutched the ball to his chest. Tate reached and grabbed Jennings arm. His arm slid off and then he got a hand on the ball while Jennings retained possession until the scuffled on the ground and eventually the Sea hawks wrestled the ball enough to make it appear to be a simultaneous catch.

Here is how a few of the gristle heads saw it. They admit that Jennings had possession of the ball when one foot hit the ground. But before his second foot hit Tate had placed two hands on the ball and deserved credit for the catch. Really? That is amazing. A man who pumps iron every day of the week lost possession of a ball that he was cradling like a baby in the span of 1/100th of a second.

We’ve heard of the magic bullet. I never heard of magic hands except inside a cheap motel room and that cost you $1.50 in quarters, not a football game.

Do you remember the Jeff Smoker spike and T.J. Duckett magic touchdown in 2001 between Michigan and Michigan State? I got a frame by frame DVR sequence from a Michigan fan that proved that the spike could not have happened in the final second of the game. And I got a frame by frame DVR sequence from a Michigan State fan that proved that it did happen.

I came up with the conclusion that Spartans and Wolverines shop at different appliance stores.

My kids play soccer. And I love it when the referee makes a call and you see half the parents up in arms and the other half screaming “Great call.”

Now I conclude with the great football philosopher Dennis Green who once screamed: “They see what they want to see!”  Well he didn’t say that exactly but I needed a fitting conclusion to this blog.

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2 Responses to “The catch: We see what we want to see”

  1. Smitty Says:

    The answer is yes Really! He does deserve credit for the catch. You said it yourself “before his second foot hit”. I would think that you Terry wouldn’t even write something like this if you felt 100% sure about it. But here I am getting sucked into the media controversy targeted to touch the eyes of anyone entertained by it. Usually a minority. On this subject I’m the minority. The title is correct and you or anyone else is exempt from it. “We see what we want to see”

    Love the show. Good talk.


  2. Tony Says:

    Unless you’re seeing a different replay than everyone else than it would be in correct to call it a touchdown according to the NFL rule book. Just because it looked like an interception to you doesn’t mean it was legally an interception. Just like CJ vs the Bears a few years ago. Just because it looked like a touchdown, doesn’t make it legally a touchdown. According to the rule book it was not.

    People getting mad at the “replacement referees” over this “blown call” do not know anything they are talking about. They are basically reciting words that they heard from somewhere or are making their own judgments without consulting the highest law of the NFL, the rule book.


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