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NFL officials remind me of WWE referees

Written By: Terry Foster | September 25, 2012

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No wonder the officials made the wrong call during Seattle’s 14-12 victory over the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night Football. Did you see how long it took them to trot over to see what was going on in the pile? A couple of guys in wheelchairs would have been at the scene of the crime quicker.

For the next several days we will debate the Immaculate Interception that took a game from the Packers and gave it to Seattle. The replacement officials made the wrong call and it seems as if the only people disputing that are some folks in Seattle. I just saw a Seattle poll that said 21 percent of the people there believe officials made the right call. It just goes to show that 21 percent of fans are so blindly loyal to their team that they cannot see the real picture.

I contend how can officials make the right call when they are not even in position to see what happened?

Here is what officials missed. They missed Sea hawks wide receiver Golden Tate shoving Green Bay defensive back James Shields for a pass interference penalty. They missed Green Bay defensive back M.D. Jennings catching the ball. And they missed Tate barely getting a hand on the ball. They missed the shoving match on the game where Tate sort of almost got his hands on it. They missed when Jennings came down that Tate has his hand on Jennings’s arm, not the ball.

The two officials looked like WWE referees who always get to the scene late after the bad guy hits the good guy across the head with a folding chair. All they see is the good guy knocked out and they count him out. Didn’t the officials look like a couple dudes from Big Time Wrestling. One guy called it an interception. The other called it a touchdown. Nobody saw the hidden pair of brass knuckles that knocked the Packers out.

Who hired these guys? The Undertaker?

Chime in the clown music now.

This is am embarrassment to the NFL and it should immediately end the officials lockout so the game can return to normal. Yes, regular officials make mistakes. But the goofs by the replacement officials have been magnified and multiplied the past few weeks. People say the game is too fast for them. And when you see how slow those two officials arrived on the scene who can blame people for believing that?

End the lock out now.

This clown show is no longer funny.

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One Response to “NFL officials remind me of WWE referees”

  1. Tony Says:

    “Rule 8 – Section 3 – Article 1 – Item 5: Simultaneous Catch. If a pass is caught simultaneously by two eligible opponents, and both players retain it, the ball belongs to the passers. It is not a simultaneous catch if a player gains control first and an opponent subsequently gains joint control. If the ball is muffed after simultaneous touching by two such players, all the players of the passing team become eligible to catch the loose ball.”

    Since the rule does not define WHEN a catch is a catch, it is left up to interpretation. Thus we can conclude the logical answer of when a catch is a catch is when the receiver has possession AND two feet are touching the field of play.

    Take a look at the replay. Jennings initially catches the ball alone. Then Tate proceeds to place a hand around the ball. But notice WHEN Tate wraps around, and more specifically where Jenning’s feet are. They are BOTH still in the air. Therefore it cannot be ruled a catch according to the rule, or rather the lack of specificity in the rule.

    By the time Jennings has two feet down in the field of play Tate has a grip on the ball and thus we can conclude that it is in fact simultaneous possession WHEN A CATCH IS A CATCH. And the replay officials, who are NOT replacement refs, confirmed it.

    Stop blaming the replacement refs. If anything it’s the RULE’S AMBIGUITY for the reason on why the call is valid. Call for a rule change.

    P.S. people need to stop acting like regular refs would have ruled it any differently. They are just as bad in every game they are in. And the call on the field was correct anyway.


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