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Beyond giddy for CMU’s home game against MSU

Written By: Terry Foster | September 5, 2012

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This might be hard for you to understand but I am beyond giddy that Central Michigan will play host to Michigan State this weekend in Mt. Pleasant.

I am a Chippewa. I love my school and love my football program win or lose. I love visiting the place from time to time to visit new restaurants and watering holes. When the Central-Michigan State game was announced I told my friends, family and kids I was going to do one final selfish one person vacation for this weekend.

It is a work-vacation because I am going to write a couple of stories for The Detroit News on the event and the activities leading up to it. But I plan on taking my camera, credit card and meet old and new friends for the weekend. I am calling it ”The Once in a Lifetime tour.” There is no way Michigan State will visit Mt. Pleasant again. I need to experience this.

Some of the in laws are coming because they are Spartans. My former dorm neighbor Baby Grunt is coming up with his wife Jill and I am sure I will run into them. I hope to meet with some of the students at Central Michigan Life, the newspaper I wrote for way back in the day.  There are dinner plans, lunch plans and tailgate plans and I will experience it all.

I hope to meet head coach Dan Enos and help with the game plan.

This is nothing new for a lot of you. It is easier for you to experience the college football weekend at your old schools. You usually have Saturday off. I do not. I am usually working a game. Yeah, I am sort of working this one but there is enough time for me to enjoy old CMU.

How big is this event? There might even be a traffic jam or two on Mission Street.

The great thing about this game is you hope in the back of your mind that CMU can pull off the upset, but we don’t hate Michigan State and Michigan. They are our big brothers and we are not ashamed to admit it.  It is always a thrill to compete with them on the field. Besides, the school can use the large gate receipts these games bring.

If you head up please say hi and take a picture with me to place in my scrapbook.

I plan on having a blast.

And one more thing.

Go Chips!

Or should it be Fire up Chips?

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  1. Panicstreak Says:

    If you get to meet Enos, please offer him the name of a good realtor and moving company.


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