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Bleep you boys: The Tigers are a mess

Written By: Terry Foster | August 30, 2012

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Eight runs one night. A shut out the next.

Justin Verlander throwing a batting practice session one night. Bruce Chen looking like Cy Young the next evening throwing pop corn balls at the Tigers. And by the way, can somebody tell me who the hell Bruce Chen is?

And two losses to the Kansas City Royals. It is looking like desperate time for the Tigers. They’ve fallen three games behind the Chicago White Sox but more importantly they do not look like a baseball team.

Sure there is plenty of time to rise and recover. But I’ve been waiting for the explostion. I’ve been waiting for the moment where the Tigers look like a real baseball team. When does it happen? Will it happen? I am beginning to think it won’t.

People are banking on the Tigers making a big surge when they finish the season playing bad teams like Cleveland, Kansas City and Minnesota. But can you guarantee me they can even beat these teams? They are 0-2 against KC in this series and the song remains the same. The Tigers can’t hit. The Tigers can’t field and the Tigers can’t make up ground on the Sox.

These are many of the problems we talked about in June, July and we are talking the same mess as the pages of the calendar flip to September. I am running out of patience and I am running out of confidence. This is not a championship team but it should win this division. However, the Tigers put up gaudy batting stats that make them look good. They simply cannot hit when it counts.

From this point forward I am turning off the television when they have a runner on third base with less than two outs. You know what is about to happen and it is not pretty. Strike out, pop out, ground out to a drawn in infield. It is anything but the right play.

That is the sign of a bad baseball team. Or maybe it is a sign of a baseball team playing badly. I don’t know which it is. I am simply tired of this side show.

Do you remember the old Tigers slogan of “Bless you boys?”

I got a new one. Bleep you boys.

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5 Responses to “Bleep you boys: The Tigers are a mess”

  1. George M Says:

    I actually extended the “1-finger” salute towards the TV in recognition of their effort at the end of the game last night. Their effort screamed “mailing it in”. I don’t buy the ‘push at the end’ theory. They will not make it in. What we are seeing is what we have been getting all year…inconsistency and ineptness. Teams with both of these characteristics don’t make and do not deserve to make the playoffs.


  2. Peggy OC Says:

    Great blog, Terry. You wrote what so many of us are thinking when we watch the Tigers. It’s awful and frustrating. Bleep you Boys indeed!


  3. V Says:

    The team just seems to play with zero urgency, and tends to play down to the level of other teams. They also seem to lose more one run games than they should, and seem to be fighting themselves at all times.

    A lot of this in on Leyland and his staff, the team seems too much run on autopilot, but I also can’t help but believe VMart’s presence would be a big difference maker.

    Wins and losses aside, it’s really frustrating to watch them play. Never have really felt like this before about the team. If they were bad, that’s different, but this team was 4-1 to win the division with the oddsmakers in spring training.


  4. Wayne Says:

    The Tigers have had some very bad losses this season, but last night was the worst in my opinion. Bruce Chen carved up the Tigers lineup with a fastball that topped out at 87 mph, and a breaking ball in the low 70s. Their approach to hitting Chen was horrible, once again how first pitch swinging outs were given away. I guess the only positive out of the evening was Sanchez’s pitching, other than that it was the worst display of professional hitting I’ve seen in awhile. The Tigers aren’t showing up in these critical games that they are expected to win, but who knows maybe they’ll make the playoffs? If the Tigers do make the playoffs, they still need to prove that they can hit because you’re not going to see guys like Bruce Chen pitching for a championship.


  5. Taylor Phillips Says:

    YOU are the mess.


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