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Michigan is the king of Pop Tarts

Written By: Terry Foster | August 23, 2012

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Here is another reason the University of Michigan is king and Michigan State is not. The good folks at Kellogg selected five schools to place their logo on the cover of the popular snack treat Pop Tarts.

I do question the flavor selected — Go Blue Strawberry — but old blue made the cover along with the University of Florida (Gators Strawberry), Arkansas (Razor Red), Georgia (Bulldog berry) and North Carolina (Carolina Blue). I think a better choice for Michigan is Go Blue Berry but the marketers at the company know better than I do.

Whenever a limited edition product hits the market Michigan makes the short list. That’s because Michigan sells. It is a national brand and this is one reason why the perception of Michigan being better than MSU won’t go away. The Spartans have won the last four football games between the two schools but I am willing to bet if you ask casual fans in Oklahoma or Texas who the better football team has been they would point to Michigan.

That is why Michigan goes to better bowl games even when things are equal, even when State beats it on the field. Michigan brings more fans, revenue and television ratings. And obviously it sells more Pop Tarts. Let me know when they come out with Sparty Green Berry.

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