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The Prince Fielder upper cut is one of the best in sports

Written By: Terry Foster | August 18, 2012

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One of my favorite things to watch is Prince Fielder hit a home run.

It is filled with violence, drama, theatrics and the famous flip of the bat. Fielder is easy going and soft spoken off the field. He attacks a baseball like a shark attacking chum on the field. Fielder hit two home runs Friday night leading the Tigers to a 5-3 victory over the Baltimore Orioles. They needed both because the offense struggled again and they needed a big thumper to guide them.

Fielder hit two home runs with Miguel Cabrera on base and he electrified Comerica Park. I wish I could have been there but Celine’s new soccer team had a getting to know you party before battling in the Vardar Cup this weekend  Parents mingled but kept an eye on a game that saw Justin Verlander struggle. He was not the old JV. He seemed out of sync and that is going to happen from time to time.

Fielder was not out of sync. He was out of sight.

I’ve come up with this conclusion. Tell me if you agree. Do you know the difference between a Cabrera home run and a Fielder home run?

Cabrera is like a golfer hitting a long five-iron. Fielder launches massive nine-irons. Cabrera steps into the ball and crushes it. The last person to have an upper cut as sweet as Fielder was George Foreman in the ring. When he connects on that upper cut the ball goes a zillion feet in the air and hits 400 feet into the stands.

There have been a lot of wonderful moments in Tigers baseball. Al Kaline digging a ball out in the right field corner. Mark Fidrych talking to the baseball. Jim Northrup with the bases loaded. Tram to Sweet Lou, the perfection of Hank Greenberg and manager Sparky Anderson skipping over the third base line.

The Fielder upper cut joins that list.

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