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Error on Foster in battle of the parking spots

Written By: Terry Foster | August 17, 2012

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As it turns out, it was not a huge deal but I screwed up Thursday afternoon during my tour of downtown Detroit with the children. It involved two cars jockeying for a parking space and I was in the wrong when I scooted in ahead of a yellow Corvette outside Avalon Bakery in midtown. I even had a chance to correct the mistake and did not do it.

Here is what happened. I took the kids around town and picked up some meat for weekend grilling, took photos downtown and stopped by the bakery. It was one of my rare days off and I spent it with my kids B and Celine and their cousin Devin. B loves Avalon so I took them for a treat. The place supplies many of Detroit’s finest restaurants with desserts and bread and I do recommend a stop there if you have not heard of it.

There are about 15 spaces in front of the place. All but one were taken. I saw a Vette waiting on the other side of the road and I waited for the guy to make the first move. He had on his blinker but hovered past the spot. I thought he was going past the space so I pulled in. He honked the horn at me but I did not hear it because we were blasting music on a great day of hanging. It turns out he was going past the spot because he wanted to back in rather than pull in.

When I got out of the car he said he was waiting for that spot. I felt like a goof.

“Hold up,” I said. ” This is your spot. You can have it. Sorry.”

“That’s OK,” he said.  “Go ahead.”

I said OK and walked into the bakery. I should have kept my promise and backed out. How many times have you been waiting for a spot and somebody zooms in ahead of you? It really angers you. I know it bugs me. So what do I do? I did the same thing and did not correct it.

One time I was covering the Pistons and Bulls with former Detroit News columnist Bryan Burwell. We waited about two minutes for a space in the crowded O’Hara Airport Marriott when this lady finally pulled out. As soon as she did a car zoomed in the other way and got the spot.

“I know he didn’t just do that,” Burwell said.

We both got out the car and told the guy to move. This poor guy had a look of terror as two brothers hovered over him. He darted out of the spot like the Road Runner. That is what I should have done. I owe the guy an apology. While I was walking in the spot next to us opened and he backed the car in.

Still, my bad.


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