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Hey Tigers! Your fan base is ticked off

Written By: Terry Foster | August 15, 2012

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I have a piece of advice for the Detroit Tigers. You’d better pick it up a bit. You’d better win a few games in a row rather than blowing games.

Tiger fans are impatient and they are darn right getting ticked off. These bouts of hot and cold are not cutting it any more. They want to see this team play the way it is supposed to and take control of the American League Central Division. My biggest pet peeve is timely hitting when the Tigers really need it.

No wait. My biggest pet peeve is how the bullpen has collapsed. Or maybe it is when Delmon Young bats fifth or swings at every pitch. No wait. My biggest pet peeve is how bad they are defensively.

Well you get the picture. There are a lot of things to be angry about regarding the Tigers. We thought they’d be special. But they are just another run of the mill baseball team. Fans know it and they are venting. The easiest thing to do on my radio show The Valenti and Foster Show is to get people riled up about the Tigers.

One guy went on a 90 second tirade about the Tigers and was so angry he just hung up. He is tired of this team and simply wanted to get it off his chest in public. Fans have placed Brandon Inge, Ryan Raburn, Delmon Young, Jose Valverde, Jim Leyland and Dave Dombrowski on their wish list to disappear already this season. Now the bullpen is breaking down and cannot throw strikes or get people out.

It is maddening because Tiger fans are all in. They’ve bought tickets, T-shirts, hats and settled in for a championship run that won’t happen. You cannot win a World Series with three errors in one inning or by loading the bases three times in a week with one out and not score. That does not fly.

Pennant races are supposed to be fun. This one has Tiger fans pulling their hair.

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