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Kate Upton takes town by storm. Can JV handle it?

Written By: Terry Foster | July 11, 2012

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Kate Upton is already having an effect on the Tigers. Did you see Justin Verlander in the first inning of Tuesday’s Major League Baseball All Star game?

The man formerly known as JV gave up five runs on four hits. He threw the ball hard but he did it without much thought. Meanwhile Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder went a combined 0-3 and the AL lost 8-0 to the National League which means the Texas Rangers won’t have home field advantage for the World Series.


Please understand I am joking about the Upton effect. However, you know people will be looking for signs of decline in Verlander now that it is rumored he is dating the Sports Illustrated swim suit model. The newspapers have even come up with a name for the couple calling them Uplander. Maybe we can shorten it to KV. We shall see.

The reaction has taken this town by storm and people are all over the issue. We don’t get on the international map often here in Detroit. My wife Abs was upset at the rumors, saying what happened to Verlander’s old girlfriend was a shame. She said it looks like she stuck with him through college and his growing pains as a Tiger and then upgraded when he exploded on the national scene. Shame on JV, she said.

I said this is great for JV. I don’t want to be mean but when you get this high profile don’t you seek people who are high profile too? Besides this is Kate Upton. I totally understand the upgrade here. I am proud of the guy. He is in a spot many guys which they were in.

Besides, this is good news for the rest of us. We can lie to our women and say we’d keep them even if Kate Upton came banging on the door begging to go out with us.

“No baby. You are my Kate Upton.”

We know we got no shot so we can play that game and shower our ladies with love.

I hope JV pitches well the rest of the season. If he doesn’t then there will be comparisons made between the decline of Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo when he dated singer Jessica Simpson. I don’t feel like dealing with that.

Any way it is a cute story that might go away. We don’t know for sure if they are dating or had a little fling last weekend at Coyote Joes, South Bar in Birmingham and the Aerosmith concert at the Palace. But I do have a few words for JV.

You go boy.


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  1. George M Says:

    “You go boy”? You really said that? Do not disgrace our gender like that, Terry…you are certainly more creative than stealing an old, overused annoying statement from the females.


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