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Sex in public bathrooms is gross but appealing to some

Written By: Terry Foster | July 7, 2012

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My radio partner Mike Valenti has created this myth that I am a ladies man, Downriver man and stud muffin of the universe. It is not true but I do appreciate the publicity. However, it still does not stop people from asking me interesting questions.

A guy met a woman in Cheli’s downtown after a Tigers game and asked for my advice. They were both hot for each other and he wanted to know what I thought about him sneaking into the women’s bathroom for a little fun and games. The crowd was thinning out and the two thought they could sneak a little hanky panky in one of the stalls and nobody would notice.

It was on his list of things to do before he died.

My advice was quick and to the point.

Hell No!!

Bathrooms are filthy. People don’t go to bathrooms because they want to. They go because they have to. We poop and pee in bathrooms and bar bathrooms are always filthy. Have you looked at the floor in a bar bathroom? Still some people want to have sex in bathrooms and I never got it. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger got in hot water for wanting sex in the bathroom. A number of other athletes have pulled woman into bathrooms.

I don’t even want to have sex in my own bathroom let alone a public stall.

When you meet somebody that you like whatever happened to your place or mine? Heck, I’d rather take my chances in the back seat of a car rather than the back seat in a bar stall. People are proud members of the Mile High Club because they have sex in airplane bathrooms. I am not in favor of that also.

Please tell me what is the big deal about meeting someone and doing it in a bath room. Have you done it? There is no way I would. I bet you my wife would have that “are you kidding me” look if I even asked. She’d probably want to flush me down the toilet.

I don’t know what happened to the couple at Cheli’s. I hope they found some pillows and sheets rather than a toilet seat.




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