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Heat wave and storms pelt the area and leave us boiling

Written By: Terry Foster | July 6, 2012

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It was about 3:15 in the morning when the front door bell rang. It startled me and woke up my wife.

“Babe,” my wife Abs said. “Are you expecting somebody this early in the morning?”

You have to understand Abs. She is a very smart woman but when she first wakes up she is in another land. She has no idea what she is saying or has no idea where she is. I told her I had invited the boys over for poker.

Actually that was not the truth. The door bell rang during one of our many wildcat storms that left more than 200,000 homes without power. We were one of those homes. The bad news is our power went out three times. The good news is we were without power for about four minutes. We thanked our lucky stars.

The weather has been off the chains. We’ve been hit about six times in the past four days. One moment it is calm. The next moment your house is being pelted with waves of water and wind. You don’t want to see my backyard. There is enough wood on the ground to build another ark. I’ll either get out there and clean it up or bribe the kids into doing it. They always fall for the “you are doing it for nature” fake.

I actually look forward to these storms because we get temporary relief from this boiling heat. It is supposed to get up to 99 today and then we get some relief Saturday when the temperature only soars to 97. And you know it is going to rain one of those days. It always does. I cannot wait for Sunday when the temperature goes down to 84. I might wear a winter coat to celebrate.

Meanwhile have you noticed how mean people are in the heat? We reach our boiling point earlier and easier because we are angry about the heat. I’ve seen more people flipped off in traffic this week. I’ve seen more stupid arguments over nothing.

Any way we only have two more days of this goofy weather. Good luck and stay cool.

Oh yeah one more piece of bad news. Wait until you get that air conditioning bill at the end of the month.

That will make you even hotter.



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