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We have freedom but a bad baseball team

Written By: Terry Foster | July 4, 2012

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Happy Fourth of July!

My life is great. My day is great. The only thing that bugs me has nothing to do with this Holiday. It is the Tigers. I will admit they bug me very much. Did you see last night’s 6-4 loss to the Minnesota Twins at Comerica Park?

I get a lot of emails from people about the Tigers and there remains an optimism in this town that the Tigers will rally and pull this off. Those people might be right but this team sure is frustrating. How many of you thought there was even a remote chance the Tigers would be below .500 at the halfway point of the season? I never did.

You can no longer say it is early in the season. We are in the second stages and the Tigers have yet to figure out the Minnesota Twins. There is so much wrong with this team. I figured the defense would be bad but not this bad. I figured guys that enjoyed career years last season would settle down but not lose 50 points off their batting average.

The thing I figured most is the Tigers would find a way to win a bad division. So far they have not.

People always look for the turn around. A number of folks saw these upcoming games against Minnesota and Kansas City and gleefully predicted the Tigers would soar into first place by the All Star break. Well the last time I checked the Tigers were losing twice to the Twins and the White Sox were putting a hurting on Texas.

Maybe this team is just bad. Maybe it is just a .500 team and owner Mike Ilitch threw away a lot of money to attract Prince Fielder here. I don’t know what’s wrong and I do not believe the Tigers can fix it. Ilitch is tapped out on payroll and I don’t expect a highly paid hero to come into town before the trade deadline.  The Tigers are what they are. They just are not what we thought they were.

Just remember this. Most of us have freedom, good friends and good food to eat for the Fourth. We just don’t have a good baseball team.


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