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Celebrating a 21st birthday is a family affair

Written By: Terry Foster | July 3, 2012

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Her name is Brooke and she is a student at Ferris State University with a giant smile. I ran into Brooke and her entourage as she celebrated her 21st birthday at Cheli’s downtown after the Tigers game Monday night.

It was a special evening so Brooke rented a party bus and invited her boyfriend, buddies from Livonia Franklin High School and her dad. Yes, dad hung out and drank with his daughter. And did I mention an assortment of aunts joined in and hung with them at Cheli’s and Greek town Casino.

I’ve always wondered what it is like to hang with your child and share a beer or glass of wine. I wonder what the feeling is like when your baby turns 21. Do you want to be there with your child on that special evening? My son Brandon vows he is going to buy me a beer when he turns 21. He said he wants me and him to hang out without other family members. I am curious to see if he will keep that promise.

Brooke and her dad are lucky. There is enough love in that family where they want to be with each other. A few weeks ago I met an 80 year old guy named Bob who celebrated his birthday with his sons and daughters, wife and sisters. You could tell it was a wonderful experience for him. He was having the time of his life.

Brooke also had the time of her life and thanked me for taking photos with her boy friend and some of her other pals. It was my pleasure. It was fun for me. I love when families still want to be around each other and celebrate special moments. That is not always the case. How often do we become estranged from one another? How often do silly arguments tear us apart?

I am going to hold my son B to that beer in 11 years. I won’t let him buy however. It will be my treat.


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