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Downriver won’t be my destination this weekend

Written By: Terry Foster | June 30, 2012

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I do not hang out Downriver all the time. I do not have Downriver girl friends but the tales of my alleged Downriver exploits are fun to hear. We even have a designated Downriver Debbie although her real name is Nancy.

Friday night I attended a charity event in Wayne and went to two places called US-12 and Jake’s Next Door. One of the first things I heard from people is “this is not quite Downriver but you are close.”

We all got a good chuckle. I even got introduced to a woman simply because she is a promoter who lives in Allen Park. Now all of this nonsense was started by my radio partner Mike Valenti. When he roars about something it is difficult to stop the tide so I just accept that I am a Downriver rat looking for Downriver mice.

Most of this began when we did Thursday night appearances at Mallie’s and Malarkey’s in Southgate. The adventures were fun and the people we met were wonderful. I even got kidnapped once. Maybe that is a future blog. The whole Downriver thing began for an area that is not talked about much in mainstream media around here.

I will not be Downriver tonight either. I wanted to do something simple and fun. When was the last time you had a good old fashion hot dog cook out and fire in the pit? A few of the neighbors agreed to come over. I love hotdog cookouts or as we used to call them weenie roasts. The most memorable came when I was about 12 years old. My cousin Miss Boots drove a bunch of kids to Belle Isle and she cooked hot dogs on one of those cast iron grills they have spread around Belle Isle.

Miss Boots had been drinking and she dropped most of the hot dogs on the ground. We did not want to eat them. She took the hot dogs, tossed vodka and water on them, put them back on the fire and proclaimed the hot dogs sterilized. We believed her and ate the hot dogs.

I also won’t be Downriver Sunday morning. I am playing for the first time this summer at Plum Hollow with Detroit News columnist Neal Rubin. He asked if I wanted to walk or ride. I said walking would be great. He then told me we would have caddies. Are you kidding? I’ve never had a caddie watch over my messed up game.

The great thing is I have a new set of eyes for when my ball lands in the shrubs and trees. I plan on golfing more this summer. Are there any good Downriver courses?




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