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Busted child prostitution ring is modern day slavery and sick

Written By: Terry Foster | June 26, 2012

Filed Under: Family, Life, Parenthood

What type of sick bastard pays to have sex with a child?

There must be a bunch of these sickos because the FBI and other authorities busted a nationwide child prostitution ring and arrested a bunch of pimps and johns. Some of those kids were forced to work in run down hotels and motels in Detroit, Sterling Heights, Madison Heights, Troy and Southfield. More than 70 people were arrested and the children were sent to child protection services.

This is modern day slavery.

Many of the children were between the ages of 13 and 17. My daughter Celine turns 13 in September and I just cannot imagine some freak having his way with her in some seedy hotel. This story made me sick because you think of your kids and the neighbor’s kids when something like this happens. You see innocent faces whose lives are ruined.

Why do some people have children if they are not going to take care of them? I am willing to bet that none of these kids had tradition upbringings. They are the products and victims of baby momma drama. They were not raised in two parent homes with people who loved them. They probably hit the streets before middle school.

A few days ago I wrote about Jerry Sandusky and hoping authorities throw away the key after he was convicted of having affairs with young boys. You read about priest, coaches and others having their way with kids. When things like this happen the kid is never the same, but people don’t care. They got their freak on so they are fine with it.

I hate the pimps that set up this ring. But I hate the customers even more. These pieces of dirt went online looking for this. They went to the ATM machine to withdraw money to participate in this. And they went to some run down hotel, saw the faces of these kids and went through with this. These people should face severe cuts if you know what I mean.

I’m a dad. My job is to protect my children. The worst thing I do is sneak them ice cream when momma says no.

Sorry guys but this story really wanted to make me puke. That is how pissed off I am about it.




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One Response to “Busted child prostitution ring is modern day slavery and sick”

  1. Shane Broyles Says:

    Well put, T. While there is plenty of blame to go around, the most deserves to be heaped upon the ‘customer’ who in this case isn’t any where close to ‘right’.


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