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Lock up Jerry Sandusky forever

Written By: Terry Foster | June 23, 2012

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Throw away the key.

That is my initial thought about former Penn State assistant coach and head pedophile Jerry Sandusky who was convicted on 45 counts of child molestation. What he did was sick and it is one of the worst crimes in the history of crimes. And I do not believe friends and family members who said all these testified against Sandusky for money.

You mean nothing happened? They did this for money against an innocent man?

He faces sentencing in about three months and there should be no probation or suspended sentences for him. I don’t suppose burn in hell is one of the sentence options the jury can recommend.

He took advantage of young, vulnerable boys who didn’t know better. He abused them mentally as well as physically. Shame on him. What a creep. The verdict came when I was with my family at Disney World. I was at Hollywood Studios when we heard the verdict. At Disney you see lots of happy families walking around and enjoying the place.

But you also see kids with cancer and kids who are having miserable lives, who are enjoying a little bit of happiness. They are leading tough lives and the trip to Disney is just a little respite from their lives. There are kids with no families or kids with families who struggle just to make ends meet. Sandusky mostly picked on kids with no families or are estranged from them.

I hate crime. I especially hate crime against kids. We are meant to live into our 80s yet there are evil adults who ruin kids’ lives before they are in their teens. Sometimes you never fully recover from sexual abuse. I cannot imagine my reaction if some grown man lured my son B into the showers and fondled him. I suspect you would not be hearing me on the radio five days a week. The only way you could reach me would be through mail at Jackson State Prison.

You can mess with me. Do not mess with my kids. I am sure a number of parents feel the same way.  At least they should. We bring them into the world and we need to provide them as safe a pathway as we can until they are on their own.

Jerry Sandusky did not do that.

Throw away the key.



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3 Responses to “Lock up Jerry Sandusky forever”

  1. Jason Says:

    I absolutely agree. I just hope that the publicity of this case shows victims of these monsters that some form of justice if here for them. That they have no reason to be ashamed.


  2. Jamie Jensen Says:

    As a father myself this guy sickens me to my core, as a man it bothers me that the families of the victims and in some cases the victims themselves will have to pay to house and feed the man that molested them or their loved one…..please take this monster off suicide watch, do us all this favor!!


  3. Paul Says:

    Hey Terry. Noticed you kept your writing simple on this article. No five dollar words. Perfect for this sickening subject, and for making your point – with which I fully agree.


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