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I forgive LeBron James

Written By: Terry Foster | June 22, 2012

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I forgive LeBron James.

I forgive him for “The Decision.” I forgive him for being arrogant. I forgive him for being heartless, ruthless and ignorant.

This has nothing to do with him winning his first NBA title Thursday night during a resounding 121-106 hammering of Oklahoma City in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, clinching the title with an MVP performance. It has everything to do with a young man who was humbled by the criticism and humbled by being embarrassed by the Dallas Mavericks in last year’s NBA Finals.

The weight of the world lay on his shoulders. You could see it in his celebration, a childish chorus of jumping up and down on the sidelines during the final moments of the game. It was more a celebration of relief and release. He released the demons that haunted him and he could finally breathe again. He knew he messed up. He’s tried to make amends for his dumb decision. So how long do we dog the guy because of it?

I know I did. I was appalled by “The Decision.” He had the right to leave Cleveland. The way he did it was tacky. But how long do we hang on if the guy learned his lesson? I decided to let go when I truly believed James tried to make amends for the way he handled things. Over the past few weeks I’ve learned that most younger people forgive James and moved on. It was the older generation for the most part that hung on to their hatred.


The world is messed up at times. People forgave Tiger Woods for cheating on his wife, but they could not forgive James for cheating on Cleveland? They did not forgive James for the decision but they forgave Woods for the decision to whore around on his wife multiple times. Woods is forgiven although he doesn’t really care what you think. James is not for trying to care what you think and change his ways.

I never thought James was a bad dude. I thought he got too caught up in himself and made bad and selfish decisions. He needed a no man in his entourage.

When James joined Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosch it was said none of the championships would be truly his because this team belongs to Wade. That is no longer true. The Miami Heat is LeBron James’ team. He went from choker to a true king in the NBA. And he did it his way with 26 points, 11 rebounds and 13 assists.

Now he stands on top of the world of basketball as a champion. Hopefully he wears the crown well and remains a humbled man.


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