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Get the frozen butter beer at Harry Potter

Written By: Terry Foster | June 21, 2012

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ORLANDO — I woke up today tired, sore and barely able to move. That is a good thing. It simply means we walked a lot during the Foster tour of Universal Studio Island of Adventure on Wednesday.

The best part is Celine had a smile on her face the entire day. She is a Harry Potter freak and loved her visit to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the town of Hogsmeade. Celine gave both a thumbs up and the wait to visit the castle and ride a broom stick and battle monsters is worth it.

But that was not the highlite for Celine. She waited an hour to purchase a magic wand that a wizard picked out especially for her. I didn’t think that was worth the $34 to do all that but she loved it. Meanwhile the men (me and Little B) ditched the ladies and went on a couple of water splash rides and ate at some of the concession stands.

Here is my recommendations if you come here. Get the butter beer frozen not cold. Both are good but there is something about the frozen version. It is the drink of choice among the Potter kids. Do not get the butter beer at the first kiosk you see. The lines in the second one behind the castle is shorter. If you are willing to pay cash flag down the guy who is delivering drinks and you can avoid the lines.

Do the castle first and then do all the other rides. The lines were 55 minutes when we arrived. We tricked around with another ride and watched the line grow from 55 minutes to 90 in a 10 minute span.
Purchase tickets online and print them out. You save yourself 10-20 minutes.

Buy rain ponchos before you hit the park. You can buy one for less than four bucks at Wal-Mart. They are $8 at the park.

And do not leave the park at rush hour. The freeways around the park are jammed pack. It is impossible to get around. Leave at 4 or wait until 8 to leave.

We always bring our lunch and water to theme parks. The cost of food at Disney and Universal is crazy. We splurge on dinner.

And be prepared to walk and wake up sore the next morning.,

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