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Marriott saves the day after another flight delay

Written By: Terry Foster | June 20, 2012

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ORLANDO — My flying slump continued. But thank God for the Marriott.

We are now hunkered down ready for a day at Universal Studio for a tour of Harry Potter’s World. Our flight backed from the gates on time at Detroit Metro Airport but we sat on the runway for 50 minutes while the pilot got “some numbers” back from somewhere. Nobody understood what he was talking about. I just know we had some maintenance issues and the numbers afterwards did not come back right from somewhere.

There seems to be a breakdown every time we fly.

That is a tough start to the vacation but it is not a deal breaker. However, things brightened when we got to the Residence Inn. The guy behind the counter was super friendly and chatty. He noticed that I’ve been a Marriott Rewards member since 1988.

“You were a member before I was born,” he said.

Wow. I remember joining the Marriott Rewards program in 1988 during a Pistons road trip to San Antonio. I’ve collected more than 600,000 points and this year the program is paying for a trip to Orlando and one to Maui.

“You’ve been such a loyal customer that I am going to upgrade you to the two level suite,” the chatty Marriott man said.

I thanked him and we have a suite where the kitchen, living room and kids bed room are downstairs. And mommy and daddy’s bed room and bathroom is upstairs. You know what that means. Wink.

Last year I sent a letter of complaint to Marriott because our shower broke twice and house keeping did not clean our room because the non English speaking crew thought I told them to not clean my room. Marriott will get another letter about a chatty employee who made everything right.

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