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Flying the friendly skies

Written By: Terry Foster | June 19, 2012

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Today the Foster family attempts the impossible. We are going to attempt to have a flawless airlines experience.

We are headed to Orlando for the family vacation mostly to go to Universal Studios so my daughter Celine can see the Harry Potter experience. She knows almost as much about Harry Potter as Harry Potter himself. We know that will be a great experience. What we don’t know is how will the airline experience be.

We have our printed boarding passes in hand. I’ve already paid for the luggage and I’m prepared to take off my shoes, belt, pants, hat and anything else they want me to take off during security check. The Foster family is prepared but I know something weird is going to happen. I just don’t know what.

I love to fly. Back in the day I used to cover the Pistons and was in planes all the time. There were flights from hell and I almost didn’t make a couple of games but for the most part airline travel was good. It has declined these days. The seats are too small, the planes too jammed and flying today is more akin to taking the subway in New York City.

I know I will get stuck next to a 400 pound guy who did not bathe last night. I fear flight delays, airplane changes and other goofy stuff. The best thing is my family gets to sit together. Do not take that as a given. Sometimes you cannot sit next to a loved one. And good luck getting people to change seats with you considering they might have paid premium to set in an aisle seat or in the exit row.

Imagine, you get to pay extra to help slugs off the plane in case something goes wrong.

One of our funniest stories involved Little B at age two. We were flying to Florida for vacation. I got through security. My wife got through and Celine got through. Little B did not. They made him take his shoes off and they gave him an extra once over. The poor kid looked at me as if to say “what are they doing to me?”

I told the kids not to say anything because it is important to keep planes safe. B asked me later if he were a “flight whisk.” I laughed and told him he was not.

Off we go into the wild blue skies. I wonder what adventures we will get into.

FIRST STOP: The Branch Ranch in Plant City, Fla. I will tell you about it later.


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