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Sticker shock and soccer tears

Written By: Terry Foster | June 18, 2012

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My daughter Celine is a Harry Potter freak.  She’s watched every movie at least three times and has read each book cover to cover at least a half dozen times.

She’s read the books so often that the covers were torn off of each. So we bought her another leather covered set because she loves them so much. We’ve decided to take the family to Orlando this week and visit Universal Studios so she can tour the Harry Potter exhibit. She will love going through the halls of Hogwart School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
I’ve gone on line and discovered a chilling thing. Man those tickets are expensive. Tickets for one day at Universal are $88 per person. That is nearly $400 for a family of four for one day. Two days at Disney for us is more than $700 and if we wanted to do three days it is more than $900.

Wow. That price is steep.

Now lets see you complain about Tiger tickets going up five bucks.

Fantasy and adventure is big business in Orlando. The prices are steep but I can understand why. I love The Magic Kingdom and Epcot Center and Universal. They do such a tremendous job of education and entertainment that I see how they can justify the price. First of all most the rides are amazing. And they spare no expense in giving you a first class adventure.

Besides, its vacation. Right?


** I can give you more details about Celine moving from the Bloomfield Force to Waza East. She was recruited by a group of parents who were moving from Vardar to Waza East. They said this team will be really strong if Celine and her friend Sami join them. I wasn’t sure about it at first but felt comfortable with the new club after Celine practiced with them.

Our group became known as “The Vardar 6″ in the soccer world. Celine even overheard girls at her school talking about a huge defection involving Vardar and Force girls. They were trying to figure out who the two Force girls that were thinking of leaving. Celine laughed but did not let them in on the secret.

Now they know.

I knew Celine would make the team after watching her practice once. They paired her with a girl with size 10 feet and the girls nicknamed them “Speedy and Big Foot.” That was the fun part but the not so fun part you don’t think about is people’s jobs were on the line. This was a very good team last year but some of the girls knew their jobs were in danger. Practices became very competitive.

Celine, Sami and the Vardar girls made the team. Some girls who were on the team last year did not. Tears were shed. And it really made you feel bad seeing girls break down and cry and former teammates and family members console them. That is the competitive side of sports. You are not guaranteed a job, whether you are a little girl trying out for soccer or a big leaguer trying out for the Tigers.

Shortly after the Vardar girls notified their team that they were leaving Celine got a text from one of her friends who played with a different club.

“Hey do you want to play for Vardar with me. They got openings.”






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One Response to “Sticker shock and soccer tears”

  1. Mike Tomassi Says:

    Been there many times with the soccer parents recruiting girls from other clubs to make a super team. Sometimes things just don’t work out ie not enough balls on the field for the talent then jelousy starts to set in not by the girls but by the parents. Hopefully things work out and good luck to Celine. Waza 2ast is a good club with a lot of very good coaches. Have a great time in 6la.


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