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A kind food exchange

Written By: Terry Foster | June 16, 2012

Filed Under: Life

One of my favorite things to do on Friday night is get carry out from “A Matter of Taste” in Commerce Township. The gormet food is delicious. All you have to do is throw it in the mircowave and you have a great meal.

I went there Friday to pick up something for my wife Abs and me. She wanted eggplant parmesean. I got salmon and pasta. She loves the parmesean and when I got there there were two slices left. I was next in line when a couple ahead of me asked for the last two pieces. That’s one of the risks when you show up late. You might not get what you want.

I immediately got on the cell phone and told Abs the bad news and asked if she wanted something else. She said no and was about to walk out for pizza when a hand stopped me.

“We don’t need the parmesean. I don’t even like it. We were getting it for friends,” a man said. “You can have it. It’s yours.”

I told the couple that was OK. We would survive and I thanked them for the gesture. But they insisted I could have the food and they would order something else. We argued playfully for a moment and I threatened to fight them. But I took the one slice. That was very nice of them.

I don’t know why but I felt guilty taking their food away even though I was paying for it. There are always small stories like this that keep your faith in humanity.

“If I really liked it there is no way you would get this,” the man said laughing.

The payoff came an hour later when I sat on the back patio with Abs. She loved the parmesean and I told her the story. She smiled and said thank you to the people she’d never met.



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