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It is difficult having two ladies in my life

Written By: Terry Foster | June 9, 2012

Filed Under: Family, Life, Parenthood

Let me make a confession. There are two ladies in my life.

There is my woman and then there is my girl. My woman is my wife Abs of 14 years. I love her and respect her. The girl in my life is my daughter Celine. I love her with all my heart but she often comes between me and my woman and life is difficult at times.

On Friday I watched Celine help her team to a 2-1 come from behind victory over the Rochester Soccer Club. She played well and I was very proud of her. After the game I allowed  her to go with her teammates to a Super Y game at West Bloomfield High School. She was to attend the game and come home. No sleep over and she knew it.

Celine missed some homework assignments for the third or fourth time this school year. Abs was tired of it and rightly banned sleep overs for a month. Abs will let a lot of things go. Academics is not one of them.  Celine knew it. I knew it. So what happens Friday after the game? Celine has her teammate call and say: “Mr. Foster can Celine sleep over?”

I really did not care but if I went against the rule set down by my wife I’d have hell to pay for. And she’d be right. I told the teammate Celine knew better and that there would be no sleep over. Of course they pretended there was a bad connection and they could not hear me.

Wow, that’s the oldest trick in the book.

I wanted Celine to sleep over because it was the weekend and she worked hard that day. But I had to stand by my woman against my girl. I stood my ground and demanded she come home. About 10 that night the door slammed downstairs. I knew Celine had arrived.

She was mad at me. I was mean old dad who hates her. She probably won’t talk to me when she wakes up.

I knew I made the right decision. I do love my girl with all my heart. I truly do. But I got to stand behind momma in circumstances like this. I picked her 15 years ago. And guys you all know this. It is easier to survive when your girl is mad at you then when momma is mad at you — especially when momma is right


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