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Missing boots: The tale of a missing cousin

Written By: Terry Foster | June 7, 2012

Filed Under: Family, Life

The phone call came during lunch at Pizzapapolis in Dearborn.

Miss Boots was missing and it was an eerie feeling.

Miss Boots is my cousin and she lives on the west side of Detroit. Her home phone and cell phone were shut off. Friends tried for three days to get ahold of her because a family friend died and they wanted to tell her about the funeral. Obviously my lunch didn’t taste as well.

I tried both her phones and got recordings. I left Dearborn for Detroit to see if she was OK. I just knew I was going to have to break into the house

When I got there she was sitting in the living room with my mother who was also concerned. She didn’t pay her home or cell phone bills. She got a new cell phone and was in the process of giving out her new number but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. Miss Boots is the fun loving member of the family. She lives pay check to pay check and if there isn’t enough money to pay a bill she doesn’t worry about it.

Life goes on.

I drop off money and food now and then and if she gets in a real bind she will ask for money. I asked why she didn’t ask for help this time and she said having a phone was not her top priority. She needs a car and has been saving up for that. I told her we will start looking for a cheap car to get her by.

She said she can handle $250-$300 a month so I am in the process of finding a deal on a car for her.

I was mad at her for disappearing for three days but that was short lived. She is OK and smiling and is looking forward to the warm days and sitting in her backyard. She is safe and sound and for now that is all that matters.


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