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Tigers swing and miss again

Written By: Terry Foster | June 6, 2012

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Jim Leyland is not the problem. Lloyd McClendon is not the problem and Brennan Boesch had a bad thumb nobody knew about.

Prince Fielder is adjusting to American League pitching. Max Scherzer just hit a little glitch and Brandon Inge and Ryan Raburn were holding the team back. It’s still early yet and the bats will perk up. It’s still early yet and the pitching will turn around.

We’ve heard it all, but the bottom line is the Tigers season continues to tumble and they are further and further from first place. Meanwhile your temperature is rising. Tiger fans have gone from concerned to ticked off. The Tigers lost meekly again, 4-2 to the Cleveland Indians Tuesday night.

They went down with hardly a whimper as the bats were silenced again. It got so bad that the Queen of England looked better than the Tigers.  They played without Austin Jackson and Andy Dirks again but these two players were not supposed to be the difference between powerful and punch less.

So when does the magic begin? When does the faucet of wins begin to flood Comerica Park? When does the calvery march in and save the day?

I beginning to think there is no help in sight. This is what the team is.

Meanwhile on twitter I asked how hot are? It is a low simmer right now but you are close to reaching the boiling point. This was supposed to be a summer of fun. There wasn’t supposed to be much of a pennant race because the Tigers were going to run away with this poor division with ease.

Well they are barely in front of the woeful Kansas City Royals and the Indians dominated them with Ubaldo Jimenez, who was effectively wild Tuesday night. They blew opportunities against him. The Tigers worked nine 2-0 counts against him and had eight outs and a walk in those bats.

I don’t want to hear from people who say you should just try to draw a walk all the time. Those are hitters’ counts and you are supposed to take advantage.

“We’re against the ropes, a little wobbly,” Leyland told reporters after the game. “You either get your feel underneath you and come out swinging or you feel sorry for yourself because we’ve had some injuries and things haven’t gone right.”

The Tigers are coming out swinging. The problem is they are swinging and missing.


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  1. Dave Jakes Says:

    You’re thinking “cavalry”. “Calvary” was where Christ was crucified. Then again, maybe that is what you meant…


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