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There is a first time for everything

Written By: Terry Foster | June 4, 2012

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I’ve never walked across the Belle Isle bridge. I’ve lived here for 53 years, crossed the bridge by car a thousand times but I never actually walked across it until Sunday afternoon after doing my work during the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix.

There is never a need to walk across the bridge. You mostly drove to Belle Isle, cruised the island or picnicked and went home. It is a small thing in life but I wanted to do it. I will say this. The bridge appears a lot lower than you think and at certain points it looks like you can reach in and touch the water. I do not recommend it because the Detroit River currents will suck you under and make history of you.

And did you know the bridge is called the Douglas MacArthur bridge, named after the famous American general?

I’ve never been to a Gay Pride event in Detroit. But I went to Detroit Pride Saturday purely by accident. I saw a festival and stopped by. I did not realize it was a Gay Pride event until I stepped into Hart Plaza and gave a $5 donation. It was a fun and colorful event with plenty of house music and strange sights. Some people on twitter got mad at me because I tweeted that I saw a guy that looked like a mix between former NBA player Robert “Tractor” Trailor and Janet Jackson.

There was actually a person that looked that way but I guess I was supposed to keep it to myself. It was fun watching people be themselves but I wondered what life is like for Gay people when they are in every day society? Do people still harrass them or is life better?

I’ve never been to the Mercury bar. There is a reason. I’ve seen the sign for years but it has been closed. Now it is open on Michigan Avenue across from Slows and I liked the place. It is a combination of malt shop, burger joint and bar. I met a few people in there including a woman who invited me to be a judge in the Royal Oak chili eating contest. I think I can handle that.

I did not try the burger there but they looked tempting. One of the bartenders made fun of me because I was talking to so many people. She said that is here job.

I’ve never been to McShanes, also in Corktown. I’ve been to Hoots but the place has changed names and o


I got my first taste of their cooking during a charity event a few weeks ago. I met the owners and vowed to visit. It was a good decision because the fish and chips were great and I loved the atmosphere.

I love doing things for the first time. I wonder what adventures I will get into next.


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