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Jalen Rose-Chris Webber fight must stop

The first time I saw Jalen Rose play he left a poor kid standing still after being juked by a sweet cross over drill. He wore his jersey backwards at St. Cecelia and I was really impressed.
The first time I saw Chris Webber play was at Detroit Country Day. He was a hulking kid that played with anger.
Over the years I got to know both guys. And I saw how much they loved one another. They were boys in the true sense.
I do not recognize them today. The angry words back and forth are shocking. I always thought they would be boys forever, especially after all they went through at the University of Michigan.
Now they throw angry names back and forth over fame and ego and anger.
It must stop.
They need to meet and break bread and resolve this. We all have falling outs with friends. However, it is never as public as this. This family feud is playing out across the nation.
I traveled with the Fab Five during their tournament runs at the University of Michigan. I witnessed how people loved them. I also witnessed how evil people could be. They were called racially charged names. They received death threats and taunts.
When you talk about an us against the world mentality Rose and Webber went through it together along with Juwan Howard, Ray Jackson and Jimmy King. They should know what it is like to be targets of public scorn. Now they are going through it again. But now they are throwing the arrows — at each other.
Someone step in and make it stop.