I taunted Mother Nature

Farmington Hills — I sat in the cold and blustery wind Tuesday night at Harrison High School taking the blame for another miserable evening.

Celine and her teammates at West Bloomfield High played the Hawks to a 0-0 tie and many of the parents could not believe we were watching another cold weather game. I complained about the weather as I slipped on my wool cap and wore two over coats.

But I was too embarrassed to admit to the parents that it was my fault they were huddled together under blankets. I do not want to admit to Tigers fans that I was the reason you were freezing your ass off while watching Phil Coke try to give a game away to the Chicago White Sox.

I should know better. But I jinxed us all. The day before I committed the cardinal sin. I went into storage and grabbed my shorts and put them in the closet and I placed most of my sweat shirts in a bag and placed them in storage for summer.

Then I bragged to my protesting family that I was not jinxing the nice weekend weather we were experiencing. I should have known better.

This has been the worst weather experience of our life and it simply won’t end. We were teased with a great weekend during which I got outside and got some exercise. I grilled and cleaned part of the garage. It was a great experience.

I figured our nasty weather was done. But then like a fool I taunted Mother Nature. Shame on me.

At least it did not snow.

So if you are at a Tigers game in July cursing the cold and sipping on a hot chocolate blame it all on me.