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Beware of the carpet ho in Las Vegas

Las Vegas — My tour guide here was Bridgett who moved to the desert from Downriver.

Yes, let the jokes begin. I was hanging out with a Downriver woman. That never happens.

I told her I wanted the inside skinny on Las Vegas and she gets a ringside seat because her husband is a police officer that often works the strip. I heard stories of a celebrity having his $240,000 car being impounded but asking a friendly police officer to hang on to his $250,000 Rolex until he gets out of jail.

How many of you have watches more expensive than your car?

I heard stories about pick pockets and Floyd Mayweather and all kinds of celebrities that live and work in Vegas.

But my favorite involved the carpet ho’s, pavement ho’s and trick rolling. You don’t want to be involved with any of it if you visit here.

The pavement ho is the one you find in Vegas on the streets or in one of those pamphlets they pass out on the street offering sex. But the most dangerous is the carpet ho. Those are the prostitutes that frequent high end bars in casino bars.

If you see a beautiful woman or sometimes a beautiful man dressed as a woman in a hotel bar that is the carpet ho. Be careful. They will engage you in conversation, offer to party in your room and then negotiate a price.

Here is the problem. They often roll the victim and steal watches, money, wallets. You name it.

It is the number one crime on the strip. It is also the number one crime guys do not want to report. So be careful if you hit Vegas.

Stick with the slots, not the sluts.