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I could live in a shipping crate

I saw a report the other night about new living in Corktown.

They are stuffing people in shipping crates to save money, space and create new housing for younger people moving to Detroit. I laughed at first. And then I thought about it. If I were young with no family I could live in a shipping crate. How much different was it than my first one bedroom apartment when I was a lad in Grand Rapids?

How much different was it than my two bedroom suite at Central Michigan University with four roommates?

All I needed after college was a kitchen, place to sleep, place to lounge and a pot to piss in. What more do you need?

I did not have much furniture or clothes or junk to throw around. I was light, young and did not have much money to purchase excessive stuff. I know the walls are thin, but I’ve thrown on a pair of headphones before when the couple above me were having sex.

I could save money for a real house down the road.  My only fear is someone could actually steal your home with a fork lift. Imagine that after a tough day of work.