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A non spooky Halloween

Normally I rush home Halloween night after my radio show to take the kids trick or treating around the neighborhood. That won’t be happening tonight.

The kids are grown and have sort of moved on. Celine, 15, is going to a high school football playoff game. Brandon, 12, is going to a party and the kids will go out in a different neighborhood and gather candy.

This is a huge family night, but I won’t be with the family. Instead I am taking my wife Abs out to dinner while the kids enjoy themselves. I still remember taking Celine around the neighborhood when she could barely walk. The girl was so excited to go from house to house. The same with Brandon. It was such a big deal.

And afterwards we ate pizza and candy. I already miss it.

There will be a number of moms and dads taking their kids out. Savor each moment and have a piece of candy for me.

Happy Halloween.

October 31, 2014

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