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American terrorist

I do not always like my country.

I do not like the infighting. I wish we were doing more for the poor and sometimes I simply wished we simply got along as Rodney King said.

But I cannot imagine traveling to the Middle East and joining a terrorist group to return and do harm to innocent people on American soil. Yet that is happening. The story of Douglas McArthur McCain is disturbing. Reports say he was killed as a member of ISIS, which will be the next group to attempt to launch a major attack against this country.

The report said dozens of Americans have been successfully recruited to join terror groups. The fear is they will return to do their dirty deed. We are not perfect but you are all my peeps. We don’t always sing peace songs but we must learn to love one another and realize we are in this together.

Terrorists are bonded and ready to die for a single cause. Our bond must grow just as strong against these people.

We grow angry at the government. We don’t like things the president does or some of the things congress does. However, these attacks injure and kill regular folks. Didn’t we learn that in Oklahoma City, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C.?

I don’t know what to do about this. But we need to start bonding. Folks across the water are dividing us and turning some of our young people into animals.