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Man proudly flys Confederate flag. But why?

During our almost weekly Friday night dinner run with my son Brandon I saw a guy flying the Confederate flag along with the United States flag from the back of his pickup truck.

It was big and noticeable and you could tell he was flying it with pride. It was quite the display. My question is why?

I do not like the Confederate flag. It has always been a sign of hate towards black people and even many southerners realized that after the tragic church shooting in South Carolina. The state finally removed the flag from state grounds, which I was glad to see and support.

No one should force the man to remove the Confederate flag a few miles from my home from the back of his truck. I was not angry. I did not want to hit the guy. But I would love to sit down for a civil conversation and ask the simply question why?

Why fly it so proudly?

Why drive around with it on display?

And why in the state of Michigan?

Is this a sign of pride for you or a sign of hatred?

I would love the answer to all of those questions.  I also wonder if anybody said anything to him as he went on his Friday night drive. Or did they shake their head and move on?

Why is he waving this flag? And why now?