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A growing son tests his dad

Maybe dads can identify with this. And maybe people will not.

But I have to beat up my son. Seriously.

I have to out box him. I have to out wrestle him. I have to pin him and remind him who is boss. Brandon is now 13 years old and he stands 5-foot-10. Soon he will be taller than me, especially considering he grew six inches in a year.

The guy wants to challenge me. He wants to wrestle. He wants to test himself against the old man. So far I am holding up well. The boy is not a fighter. He does not know what to do so I am unbeaten except the times I let him win.

Most dads have been in this position. Your son grows into a man and he wants to try the old man. Sometimes we leave the battle huffing and puffing and need a private moment to get ourselves together. But we are unbeaten.

Dads must beat their sons one on one in basketball. Balls must be thrown longer. They must win that foot race. It is one of those men things between dads and sons.

My wife cannot stand the horse play and we both get yelled at like we are both kids. That is why most of it happens in the basement. There is little to break and momma cannot hear the noise down there.

I want to remain unbeaten. I need to hold off the charge of a growing boy who gets stronger by the day.

But one day I will lose a fight and then I will quit and complain that “I am too old for this horse play.”


September 1, 2015

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