Let’s end this debate

Why would a 32 year old woman want to debate a 17 year old child? And why was the challenged allowed to be accepted?

Jennifer Gratz, 32, and white has one thing in common with Brooke Kimbrough, a 17 year old high black school senior from University Prep in Detroit. Both were denied admission at the University of Michigan but for different reasons.

Gratz had the grades and test scores to get in in 1995. She was denied to allow other minorities into the school. Kimbrough does not have the grades and test scores but wants to get in to bolster minority representation at the university.

They both believe in their battles and my thoughts today have nothing to do with that. I fear this debate could become a blood bath. It could get ugly and the more experienced Gratz could tear this child apart. I do not want to see that.

My fears increased when I saw Kimbrough’s rant on television where she talked about the plantation and denial but lacked a good message. I know she is on the high school debate team and has done very well in it.

But the judges are not handing out scores. The judges here are evaluating and placing scores on all of society. The young girl needs advice. She needs a mentor. I do not want to see someone 15 years older than her with more mature experiences to tear her apart.

Gratz said it will be civil. I do not believe that. When we talk about race and education and quotas, the conversation is rarely civil. It gets heated and all the emotions from rejection come out.

Please do not do this.